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About Us

At Sal-Liz Lingerie, we truly understand the needs women have when it comes to finding the right bra or undergarments to make you feel better, while improving the quality of your life. From the sexy to the everyday bras and the hard to find specialty bras, our store is dedicated to carrying beautiful selections backed by an incredibly knowledgeable staff to ensure a perfect fit.

Our bra specialists can help solve:
-Back pain
-Prematurely sagging breasts
-Reduce stretchmarks from heavy breasts
-Hard to find sizes, including European sizing
-Maternity bras
-Breast prosthesis
-Mastectomy bras

If you are a man or woman suffering from venous disorders, we carry medical-grade compression hosiery to aid in:
-Poor circulation
-Varicose veins
-Swelling from pregnancy
-Leg cramping
-Leg discoloration
-Leg ulcers